Usablenet is the leading global mobile and multi-channel technology company. We work with over 350 clients to deliver unique experiences across all channels. As the pioneer in mobile, we’ve successfully launched over 500 sites globally across all industries; the combination of our proven technology platform and deep expertise ensures high-performing mobile sites that meet our clients’ business and brand goals.

The Power of U-Experience

U-Experience is an entirely new way to create and deliver different experiences in multiple channels. It is redefining the way our clients can engage their customers through mobile web, apps, tablet, Facebook and in-store/on-premise.

By building agile web services, mashup, HTML 5 U-FX framework and control capabilities into our platform, we are able create unique experiences in each channel that reflect context. Because our platform is not limited to specific sources, we are not limited in the experiences we can create.

Speed, scale and control

Speed to market matters. We offer dynamic experiences that can be instantly changed and managed without the need for extensive developer resources. With our content decision tools, marketers can instantly change the content and experiences that deliver on business, brand and user goals.

Cloud-based, our platform delivers the best-performing sites by handling JavaScript and other technologies on the server side. U-Experience scales to meet our clients’ growing needs for multi-channel solutions, and is available to clients as a fully managed service, with content control or for internal client development.

An important part of U-Experience, U-Develop was created for clients who wish to develop in-house. U-Develop gives clients the ability to use their internal resources to develop and deliver multi-channel experiences, providing developers with a library of transition styles.

Usablenet experts will train client developers on the platform to ensure effective transition and streamlined ability to create mobile and multi-channel experiences in-house.