Usablenet’s platform supports many of the most complex mobile and multi-channel sites in retail, travel and hospitality and self-service. U-Experience can create and deliver dynamic experiences that reflect context and customer needs in every channel, from mobile to tablet site, apps (web, native or hybrid) or in-store kiosk applications. Our Assistive product is available to help companies effectively improve and comply with web accessibility initiatives.


Mobile apps, whether for smart phones or tablets, is one of the best ways for a brand to engage with its loyal customers.

The U-Experience platform with its HTML 5 U-FX framework capabilities enables our developers to create web, native and hybrid apps for all major operating systems, including Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

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Ritz Carlton

In an effort to increase brand engagement and create loyal, high-use customers, we partnered with The Ritz-Carlton to develop a mobile strategy that focuses on delivering exceptional user experiences and customer service.

The Ritz Carlton brand app was designed to provide guests with an experience that exceeded their expectations by offering more than a traditional booking app.

The Ritz-Carlton app delivers a holistic guest journey, one that goes beyond the boundaries of the hotel property. True to the brand’s “Let Us Stay With You” mindset, the app was designed to play a larger role of the guest’s day-to-day lives, anticipate their needs during their visits, and create lasting memories while staying at a Ritz-Carlton hotel.

The app initiates an experience even before the guest is on-site and continues after they leave the property. The app is the first to offer both an “At Home” and “At Hotel” mode.

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CVS considered the top customer activities which could be improved through a comprehensive mobile experience. These include refilling their prescriptions, accessing their ExtraCare Card, uploading photos, and keeping track of deals and promotions.


The result is an easy to use app that leverages the smartphones native capabilities like scanning and using GPS for finding a store and geo-targeting promotions. It creates a true value to the consumer making it easy to stay healthy and manage prescriptions, easy to upload and print photos, easy to shop and save, track deals and sales, and manage their rewards.

But the app not only creates value to the customer by making their pharmacy needs easy and convenient, but it also creates value for the business. By making it easy to transfer prescriptions from any pharmacy to the nearest CVS creates in-store traffic.