Usablenet’s platform supports many of the most complex mobile and multi-channel sites in retail, travel and hospitality and self-service. U-Experience can create and deliver dynamic experiences that reflect context and customer needs in every channel, from mobile to tablet site, apps (web, native or hybrid) or in-store kiosk applications. Our Assistive product is available to help companies effectively improve and comply with web accessibility initiatives.


From eliminating barriers to purchase in retail, to providing decision-support for sales associates and enhanced customer service options, kiosks are an important aspect of a multi-channel experience. The U-Experience platform enables kiosk solutions to be developed on tablet as well as with traditional kiosk technology and hardware peripherals.

Usablenet employs an agile development approach. We create dynamic in-store experiences on any and all browser-enabled devices, using any single or multi-touch hardward brand preferred by clients: iPads, NCR, Microsoft Surface/ Perceptive Pixel, IBM and more.

Marks & Spencer

To achieve its goal of enhancing its in-store presence and creating a more engaging experience, Marks and Spencer introduced large, touch-screen displays called “Style Online” and ordering kiosks, called “Browse & Order Points” in-store. The Style Online displays provide a stylish, engaging and new way of interacting with the brand while still solving a business and consumer problem.

Named “Style Online,” it uses digital innovation to showcase the latest fashion trends M&S has to offer while connecting the shopper to the full product range available online. Functionally, these interactive touch screens have a flash application where the customer can immerse themselves in productnot available in-store through videos, trends, customer reviews, browse products and build outfits.

Once items are placed in the basket, a code is generated for the customer to purchase directly from a Browse & Order Point nearby, or scan the QR code using their mobile devices to purchase on their own later. Orders can then be delivered to the home or to any M&S store.


Canadian Tire

Designed with the tire shopper in mind, the Canadian Tire kiosk experience provides decision support and assist in tire selection for a range of vehicles, rims and tire uses.

By using the in-store kiosk, customers not only have the convenience of being able to browse, select and compare, and choose tires that match their vehicle, their lifestyle and their budget, but they can also have access to extensive product information that’s generally not available.

Once the customer has finalized their tire selection, the results of the session can be emailed or sent to print. The system outputs a barcode which is used by the sales associate to assist with finding the product and completing the sale.